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Holiday Fashion: Dressing Right and Traveling Light

Holiday Fashion: Dressing Right and Traveling Light

Ah, holiday! Just say the word and you can almost feel the sun on your face and the sand under your toes. Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical island, embarking on a city break, or planning to soak up some culture in far-flung museums, there’s always that lingering question: “What on earth should I pack?”

Holidays are your time to shine in the fashion department – a perfect blend of comfort, style, and Instagram-worthiness (fingers crossed for the weather). But before you start packing every cute outfit you own, let's chat about striking the perfect balance between fashion-forward and practical.


Beach Bound? Here's What to Pack

If you’re heading to the beach, think light and breezy. Ladies, at least a couple of swimsuits are a must, and a stylish cover-up that transitions easily from beach to bar is indispensable. Think a Gant Seersucker White Striped Shirt. Flip-flops are a no-brainer, but don’t forget to pack a pair of sandals that can dress up for evenings too. A wide-brimmed hat and a durable tote bag will not only look great but will also protect you from the sun and carry your beach essentials, respectively. We’ve got some gorgeous beach bags from Basket Basket.

Gentlemen, swim trunks that double as shorts are perfect for a minimalist beach look. Throw in a lightweight shirt to add a bit of chic to your sandy adventures. Cotton polos from RM Williams are always a must, which you can dress up or down with shorts or chinos. And remember, a decent baseball cap can elevate your style instantly while protecting your eyes from the much longed for sun.



City Escapes: Urban Adventure Gear

City breaks call for a bit of polish. Comfortable walking shoes are critical because you’ll likely be on your feet all day. Trainers are always a sensible choice; pick a neutral pair that can match most outfits like these Holland Cooper Black Croc Knightsbridge. A versatile dress that can be dressed up or down is perfect. Pair it with a lightweight jacket or a floaty scarf for those breezy evenings. Men- you can never go wrong with chinos and a few polo shirts plus something a little heavier for the colder evenings, like an RM Williams Gladstone Crew Neck.

A compact, secure crossbody bag is ideal for toting around essentials while keeping your belongings safe from pickpockets. And since you'll be dressed so well, why not make a style statement with a chic passport holder from Holland Cooper?


Cool Countryside Trips

The countryside calls for durable and comfortable clothing that can handle a bit of mud or rain. Waterproof footwear from Ariat is a must, with something for every style. Pack breathable cotton tops, knitted layers, and a waterproof jacket that can handle the elements but isn’t going to cause you to over-heat when the sun shines. This seasons Gant denim is a great colour and works well for cooler country nights. A stylish yet functional hat can also serve you well, in terms of the sun and style. We’ve got the new Alix Fern England summer collection.


Accessories: The Icing on Your Holiday Wardrobe Cake

Regardless of your destination, accessories can make or break an outfit. A few choice pieces of jewellery from our fab selection, a watch, or even a scarf can add a splash of personality to your ensemble without taking up much space in your suitcase. However, be mindful when you’re packing up to come home, we’ve all lost an earring or a flip flop in a hotel room!


The Packing Rule of Thumb

Our golden rule for packing? Lay out everything you think you need, then be sure you can create outfits from it. Most people overpack, and end up not using half of what they've brought. Keep it simple, versatile, and remember that you’ll likely want to bring back a few souvenirs that catch your eye – so save some space!

So now you’re ready to pack smart and look fabulous on your next holiday. Remember, the best outfit is the one that brings out your confidence while keeping you comfy. After all, holidays are about enjoying yourself and making memories. Don’t forget to send our postcard!

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